Who We Help

Who we help:

Better Communities Consulting helps CEO’s, Senior Management teams, HR teams and business units who require specialist guidance and support. We are committed to working with organisations that are underperforming or not achieving the results they deserve but are absolutely committed to creating something better than their current status suggests possible.

We fully acknowledge the individuality and diversity of Australian workplaces and so commit wholeheartedly to working with each customer on their areas of need. We also understand that organisations can be overwhelmed or uncomfortable about disclosing or exploring performance barriers and at all times promote a “challenge by choice” mentality; it’s your organisation, it’s your choice.

Whether you feel your organisation is on life support, treading the safe waters of complacency, or tuned to launch into an exciting new era of high performance, Better Communities Consulting can provide you with the skills, tools and support to move you in the right direction.

We have extensive experience working with organisations who:

  • Have limited scope to provide Human Resource / Organisational Development services or training internally
  • Have newly formed or restructured Executive teams or Management structures
  • Employ between 20-300+ staff
  • Need high-end solutions to:
    • under-performance
    • low staff motivation, engagement or retention
    • poor communication
    • business and role ambiguity

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