The Triple Bottom Line revisited – growing better (business) communities

The Triple Bottom Line revisited – growing better (business) communities

There is much to be gained by business willing to move out of ‘survival mode’.  Triple Bottom Line thinking can be the catalyst.


the three elements of the triple bottom line; economic, social and environmental sustainability“The Vibe”

I love the idea of the Triple Bottom Line; Economic, Social and Environmental sustainability.  It feels right and in the immortal words of Dennis Denuto, “it’s the vibe of the thing.”

Where has it gone?  Why don’t we hear about it anymore?  Has it been replaced by some other, cooler, corporate jargon?


“Survival Instincts”

Perhaps a decade of political fear-mongering and post-apocalyptic GFC shock has left the business world in a highly conservative mind frame?
Its understandable.  Survival is an instinct that sits at the very core of our being and when our businesses are threatened, we hunker down for the fight.  Sometimes the higher level thinking of Maslow needs to go out the door, or at least, be put aside so that those primal needs are met and survival is assured.


“No Monster in the Closet”monster

What if those primal instincts are wrong?  After all, they evolved as a response to the potential of being eaten by a dinosaur or something above us on the food chain, not necessarily to protect our corporate assets whilst we wait for the economic storm to pass.  Perhaps we should take a different approach and revisit our friend the Triple Bottom Line?


“Spaceship Earth”

In 2010, whilst participating in the Leaders for Geelong program, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Dr. Peter Ellyard.  Peter is a Futurist and Global Economics expert having spent two decades as OECD Senior Consultant and three decades as Senior Advisor to the United Nations.  His book “Designing 2050: Pathways to Sustainable Prosperity on Spaceship Earth” explore some of the significant challenges faced by Humanity in the 21st Century and beyond.  He also proposes a range of solutions and opportunities offered by the Futurist Movement, a movement that looks beyond the world of Capitalism to a world of Communitarianism, a world that has the Triple Bottom Line comfortably embedded in its foundations.

we're all on the same ride!

“We’re all on board”

The appearance of the Global Village gives us the perfect platform to create a better world where economic, social and environmental (also cultural) values are holistically considered, maintained and even expanded.  A growing middle-class throughout Asia and the Middle East (despite chaos and human tragedy) mean that never before in the history of our planet have more people wanted the same thing; social, economic, cultural and environmental health and wellbeing (these are the four of the pillars of the UN Universal Charter of Human Rights…).


“Steering the ship to prosperity”

Its time to consider who we are again and where we want to be.  Closing our borders (minds, hearts, communities etc…) will not achieve the intended goals.  It will evaporate our capacity to sustain and build upon the foundations laid down for us by our forefathers.


I am personally and professionally committed to helping businesses and communities open their ‘borders’ to the ideas of healthier, connected and prosperous communities under a slightly new and improved Triple Bottom Line.
If you are on the same path and want to learn more about how I can help, send me an email and lets get talking!

Brad Clarke

Brad Clarke

"In order to create a better future, you must know a better future exists"
Brad Clarke

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