What We Do

At Better Communities Consulting, we:

  • Build High Performance Leaders and together;
  • Build high performance teams and together;
  • Build high performance organisations and together;
  • Build better communities
  • Building high performance leaders

For Executive Level

At the Executive and Senior Leadership level we concentrate on clarity of purpose (ROLE CLARITY):

  • What is our unique contribution to this industry / sector / clientele?
  • Defining and clarifying the roles of the Leader / Manager
  • Defining the impact of emotionally intelligent Leaders / Managers
  • Defining the conditions of high performance ( and low performance) cultures and success
  • Creating a standard of high performance within the organisation

For Management Level

Building High Performance Teams

At the Team Leadership, Management and Human Resources level we concentrate on effective team creation and stability:

  • Effective recruitment & team building
  • Motivation, effort and engagement
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership & Management
  • Performance Improvement and Sustainability
  • Conflict Management and Resolution

Building High Performance Organisations

  • Across the organisation we concentrate on high-level sustained performance:
  • Culture of effective communication
  • Empowerment & Discretionary Effort
  • Problem Solving
  • Innovation & Growth

Building Better Communities

At the key stakeholder level we concentrate on the organisations impact on and benefit to:

  • Economic growth and prosperity
  • Social justice and community wellbeing
  • Cultural identity
  • Environment and natural history

Structurally we focus on a 5-phase strategy of performance development. Phases 1-3 are our core program areas and deliverables. Phase 4 and 5 are available for organisations who see value in continuing the journey of transformation into exceptional performance and extraordinary outcomes.

  • Phase 1 – Where we are and where we want to be
  • Phase 2 – Improving and embedding high performance
  • Phase 3 – Sustaining high performance
  • Phase 4 – Inspirational & Innovative performance
  • Phase 5 – Exploring Life’s Purpose – Becoming an exceptional community asset

We invite you and your people to walk with us on a journey of creating better communities. We know a better future exists for us, you and the people you work with and for.

Bradley Clarke
Managing Director
Better Communities Consulting Pty. Ltd.

“To create a better future you must know a better future exists”